Storage Depot takes a lot of pride in providing our occupants the very best in self storage. Here are what some of our occupants have said about our business and why they chose to store with Storage Depot.

"very professional and effective staff. Millie and Todd are awesome" Rudy L. Las Vegas, NV 7-7-16

"very professional facility and great customer service" Azzi C. Las Vegas, NV 10-15-14

"Great customer service! That's really why I chose to come back" - Juanita W. Las Vegas, NV 7-16-13

"drive up unit" - Nancie H. Las Vegas, NV 5-27-12

"nice people" - Gene W. Las Vegas, NV 5-25-12

"Millie (Our Manager) is excellent representative" - TK C. Las Vegas, NV 3-27-12

"recommended" - Angela H. Las Vegas, NV 5-5-11

"previous occupant" - Virginia M. Las Vegas, NV 10-24-10

"convenience" - Peter Z. Flushing, NY 9-8-08


"love the place/people that run it..are awesome" Todd B. Las Vegas, NV 10-2-15

"friendly and business like" Johnna F. Las Vegas, NV 9-25-15

"nice people" John W. Las Vegas, NV 7-3-15

"rented here before" Sandra P. Las Vegas, NV 7-1-15

"nice people" Pia G. Las Vegas, NV 6-25-15

"resident managers from Boston" Candace M. Bakersfield, CA 5-10-15

"open on Sundays" - Sarah D. Portland, OR 2-23-14

"Susan (Our Manager) sold me on the unit" - Samantha, C. Las Vegas, NV 1-13-14

"nice people" - Debbie A. Las Vegas, NV 12-29-13

"nice people..thank you Chuck and Susan" (Our Managers) - Thalia A. Las Vegas, NV 11-25-12

"I love the management" - Mike T. Las Vegas, NV 5-27-12

"friendly staff" - Diane P. Las Vegas, NV 5-11-12

"leaving Public Storage" - Rita M. Las Vegas, NV 3-15-12

"awesome staff" - Frances A. Las Vegas, NV 11-19-11

"because I like Connie and Jim" (Our Managers) - Violet M. Las Vegas, NV 8-16-10

"security" - Ron R. Las Vegas, NV 10-15-08


"Very nice management, personal on site, professional, organized" Darren H. Alberta, Canada 9-5-15

"Happy Management" - Erik O. Las Vegas, NV 7-24-14

"Management "exceptional" - Patsy M. Las Vegas, NV 4-24-14

"Found easy on Goggle map" - Bryan A. Las Vegas, NV 2-26-14

"fantastic staff" - Vanessa K. Las Vegas, NV 7-29-13

"good folks" - Eddie R. Golden, CO 7-26-13

"we chose this facility specifically because of the warmth and friendliness of Barbara and Steve" (Our Managers) - James B. Rockville, MD 6-13-13

"very friendly and helpful" - Paula L. Las Vegas, NV 10-27-12

"good feeling after first conversation with staff. It is also close by" - Justin M. Las Vegas, NV 10-18-12

"nice staff" - Steve S. Las Vegas, NV 4-27-12

"very nice staff" - Brittany R. Canyon Lake, TX 4-20-12

"good customer service" - Lyle B. Las Vegas, NV 1-29-12

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