• Storage Depot recommends using pallets to store items off the ground. Boxes will wick up moisture from concrete causing them to break apart. Using pallets will also protect items in the case of minor flooding.
  • There are many specialty boxes designed for certain applications, such as wardrobe boxes, TV boxes, mirror boxes and lamp boxes. Use the appropriate box for what you are packing.
  • When storing a mattress, it is a good idea to store them in mattress cover bags, which are specially made for any size mattress. Mattress covers prevent mattresses from getting dusty, stained or wicking up moisture.
  • It is also a good idea to use chair and sofa covers to cover furniture. They will protect your furniture from getting dusty, stained or wicking up moisture.
  • Glasses and dishes should be packed using custom dish and glass sets, which will include cell dividers to compartmentalize and foam pouches to protect your dishes or glasses from chipping or even breaking. Bubble wrap and wrapping paper can also be used.
  • Moving cabinets and dressers can be a real challenge. First make sure all the drawers are empty, so that the cabinet or dresser is lighter and easier to move. Second, secure the drawers using stretch wrap so that the drawers won't slide out and break.
  • Store valuable items in the back of the unit, therefore making it harder to get at in the case of a break in. It is also a good idea to mismark boxes or use codes so that item of value aren't easily identified.
  • Use a disk lock to secure your unit door. They are more secure than your standard U shaped lock.
  • When packing small fragile items, such as Christmas ornaments or vases, use wrapping paper or bubble wrap. They will protect your items and prevent damage or even breakage.
  • When moving your items in your car, truck or moving truck, use rope to secure the items so that they don't shift or fall while driving.
Remember to save your packing supplies. They can be reused, saving you time and money!
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